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H1Z1 Patch 28.05
The servers will be coming down tomorrow morning at 5AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.

Morgen um 14:00 Uhr werden die H1Z1-Server offline sein für circa 2 Stunden. Dann wird sich im HARDCORE Battle Royale einiges ändern. Sonst sind noch weitere kleine Bugfixes vorgesehen.
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Neue Hardcore Battle Royale Belohnungen:

Es wird im Hardcore Battle Royale immer nur Platz 1 eine Belohnung bekommen. Im Elite Bag sind 6 brandneue Gegenstände drin:
Battle Royale Belohnung

Hardcore Battle Royale Änderungen

Im Hardcore Battle Royale gibt es einige Änderungen:

  • Es gibt keine Türen
  • Es gibt keine Autos
  • Es gibt ZOMBIES
  • Es gibt pro Server nur 64 Spieler
  • Es kann Nacht sein (schaltet die Nachtsichtgeräte ein :D)
H1Z1 Let´s Play

Wenn ihr lust habt, schaut doch mal bei meinem H1Z1 Let´s Play vorbei! :)

Patchnotes 28.05.2015

The servers will be coming down tomorrow morning at 5AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.

Hardcore Battle Royale Improvements

Hardcore BR now includes zombies, bears and night vision goggles. Reduced minimum starting players to 64. The match can now take place at night and includes a Hardcore Elite Bag containing new unique items.

A list of known issues with Hardcore BR:

  • Icon missing from new elite bag
  • Currently there are no doors
  • Currently there are no vehicles or compass, this is intended for testing as we want to see how it effects the gameplay of hardcore mode
Other Additions and Fixes
  • Footwear has been added to the Battle Royale spawns.
  • Male and Female character models now have alternate head models to choose from.
  • New and improved female movement animations.
  • Fixed cases of loading screen freezing.
  • Zombies now respond to all acoustic signatures including: ethanol/bio fuel explosions, grenades/molotovs, red hazard barrel explosions, landmines/IEDs, vehicle explosions
  • Potential fix for bows getting stuck in ironsights
  • Arrows fired from a recurve bow and crossbow now properly bounce off materials they are not meant to stick in, such as metal or stone.
  • Molotovs now properly set players and NPCs on fire. This effect will last for a few seconds when outside of the fire.
  • Grenade/Molotov explosions should be more responsive now on high pop servers.
  • Battle Royale: Arrow bundles will now spawn near the crossbow
  • Lip sync mouth movement to voice chat
  • Vehicles: Occupants will be able to shoot from within vehicles. Currently it’s only the passengers who can shoot from within the car. The player in the driver seat cannot. Occupants can now be hit from people outside the vehicle.
  • Boots now have a small resistance to punji stick damage
  • Crossbows and recurve bows can now be repaired with repair kits.
  • Fixed issue where character doesn’t appear in BR chute

Thank you to all the people who helped with reports on the Test Server!

Test server fixes.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing placement of furnace, storage and workbenches on a foundation.
  • Fixed: Invisible Bio-fuel bug
  • Fixed: Crash issue when running over zombies with vehicle.
  • Fixed: Unable to pickup items in the world.
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