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H1Z1 Patch 24.06
Servers will go down at 5:00am Pacific We will be down for 2:00 hours We should be back up by 7:00 am Pacific

Der geplante Patch wurde jetzt auf den 24.06 verschoben.
Hier die wichtigsten Änderungen (noch nicht sicher ob diese Änderungen jetzt doch wirklich kommen):

  • Team Battle Royale: Man kann nun als Team in das BR starten. Wahrscheinlich kann man mit 2-5 Spielern beitreten.
  • Es wird 4 neue militärische Außenposten geben.
H1Z1 Let´s Play

Wenn ihr lust habt, schaut doch mal bei meinem H1Z1 Let´s Play vorbei! :)

Patchnotes 24.06.2015

Servers will go down at 5:00am Pacific We will be down for 2:00 hours We should be back up by 7:00 am Pacific.

Game Update 6/24
  • Recipes have been added that allow you to craft flaming and explosive tipped arrows.

  • Bows can now switch between different types of ammo. Pressing the “B” button will switch between the available ammo types.

  • Furnaces, BBQ, Bee Boxes, and Workbenches will now be much easier to destroy if they are not placed on a foundation. Some of these still require too much damage to destroy and that will be addressed when a wipe happens.

  • Added a new recipe which uses the flare as a component, the Parachute Flare.

  • Added recipes for the basic bandana and gloves. The basic bandana can now be scrapped for cloth.

  • 2 item slots have been added to the loadout that can hold flashlights and binoculars. These slots act as hotkeys the same way as the weapon slots do. Additional items will be usable in these slots in the near future.

  • Eliminated most NPC spawning on rooftops where they have no way down.

  • Solved several cases of stuck and/or teleporting NPCs.

  • You can now craft AK-47 ammo

  • Fixed issue crafting arrow types from Test Server

  • Explosive arrows will now damage cars in PvE

  • First Aid Kits will now stack properly

  • Car battery bulk has been adjusted

  • Explosive arrows will now manually reload

  • Still heavily investigating the leak involving UI and containers. Thanks to your reports we have made good headway. We will get the fix in as soon as we nail it down 100%. It's currently at the top of our bug list.

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