H1Z1 Patch 22.07
These are the patch notes for the Test Server update at 6PM today. If there are no main show stoppers we will be patching these fixes to Live servers soon.

Heute ist mal wieder ein neuer H1Z1-Patch erschienen. Dieser ist allerdings noch auf den Test-Servern derzeit, doch kommt „bald“ auf die Stable-Server.
Es gab diesmal nicht so viel Änderungen und davon war das meiste nur Bugfixes, also nicht viel neues.
Hier die wichtigsten Änderungen:

  • Team Battle Royale Belohnungen: Ab jetzt kommt man auch Belohnungen im Team BR. Die ersten 5 Teams bekommen etwas.
H1Z1 Let´s Play

Wenn ihr lust habt, schaut doch mal bei meinem H1Z1 Let´s Play vorbei! Team Battle Royal Win! :)

Patchnotes 22.07.2015

These are the patch notes for the Test Server update at 6PM today. If there are no main show stoppers we will be patching these fixes to Live servers soon.

Game Update 7/22
  • Removed recipe wipe from hardcore rule set.
  • Fixed prone rifle rolling (works for both Male and Female) Hold down Shift+A or D while in prone
  • Added Messaging to players to use [NUMPAD1] to Team Chat.
  • Fixed issues where Gun slide would stay open ammo still remaining
  • Added rewards to Team Battle Royale.
  • Added Voice and Group indicators to nameplates.
  • Object Placement is no longer allowed while crouching or prone.
  • Fixed a problem causing some players to not appear to nearby players after initially spawning.
  • Grenades now trigger the proper effects based on ground material.
  • Toggle HUD resources remapped from “F” to “H” key by default.
  • Fixed several bugs related to objects not detecting rain properly (campfires, dew collectors, etc).
  • When teammate drops from team in the box of destiny, a notification should be sent to the other player(s) on the team indicating the present size of their team and the character name of the player that dropped.
  • Fixed issue where some players were unaffected by bullets (invincible player/rubber bullet bug).
  • Added global team chat to key binding/display in group window.
  • General improvements to zombies and animal awareness.
  • Multiple mics are now displayed on HUD .
  • Nameplates now have a mic icon which appears during voice chat.
  • Adjusted bear AI to be more responsive.
  • Fixed bug where you were unable to place a wall on base expansion where the foundation and expansion meet.
  • Fixed issue which caused the inventory window to close prematurely.
  • Added team chat “How to use” notification to players in team BR.
  • Added team member notification message in team BR.
  • Zombies should no longer warp to another dimension occasionally after being run over by vehicles. Wormhole should be closed.
  • Crop growth is now persistent after server restarts.
  • You can no longer stack first aid kits, a first aid kit will override a bandage. If a first aid kit is being applied, you cannot use a bandage during the same time. Bandages can still be stacked.
  • Made changes to the Body Simulation. Sims should now work as designed.
  • Lock codes should now work properly after server restarts.
  • Made trees provide better cover versus projectiles.
  • Updated iron sights position on rifle animations.
  • BR: Turned off “Team kick” when player disconnects before the match starts.
  • Bug fixed in base construction that could leave a foundation socket unusable until the next server restart.
  • BR: Adjustments to the parachute sequence.
  • BR: Added a text notification for matches that end in a draw.
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