H1Z1 Patch 17.03
H1Z1 Servers will come offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for 2 hours to implement the following updates.

Heute um 10 Uhr werden die H1Z1-Server für circa 2 Stunden offline sein, denn es wird der neue Patch eingespielt. Es wird hier wieder ausschließlich Änderungen am Battle-Royale geben:

  • Nun sind auf den Battle-Royale-Servern 100-150 Spieler pro Runde vorgesehen.
  • Ab nun kann das BR-Event-Shirt nicht mehr gewonnen werden.
  • Die Fehlenden Shirts für die Spieler, die gewonnen haben, aber es noch nicht bekommen haben: Ihr bekommt diese erst zur nächsten Downtime (nächstem Patch).
  • Man muss nun seinen Charakter nicht mehr löschen, wenn man ein BR betreten will.
  • Zudem gibt es eine Entschuldigung für die Spieler der normalen Server: Es werden jetzt auch wieder Updates für die Standard-Server kommen.
H1Z1 Let´s Play

Wenn ihr lust habt, schaut doch mal bei meinem H1Z1 Let´s Play vorbei! :)

Patchnotes 17.03.2015

H1Z1 Servers will come offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for 2 hours to implement the following updates.

  • Fix for a cause of crash caused by ragdoll
  • Fix for free-look unusual range limitation bug

Battle Royale

  • Disable BR event shirt in reward set
  • Fix for queue issue preventing players from queuing successfully without removing character
  • Fix to prevent zone locking early in BR matches
  • Adjusted BR population numbers to 100 min, 150 max
  • Missing shirts will not be granted at this time (next downtime)
  • Reserved characters (from deleted BR characters) will not be fixed until next downtime
  • If a player leaves a BR match early (before death) there is a chance they will encounter a queue bug

There will be a larger patch coming later this week. For those worried that we have forgotten about core H1Z1 and shifted all our focus on Battle Royale, rest assured that is not the case. The Battle Royale Weekend event gave us a good chance to put the servers through their paces and get a much better handle on the crash issues. We want to thank you for your patience and appreciate your support during Early Access. We are adamant in getting this game in the best shape it can be.

I hear your frustration and I want you to know that the things that frustrate you, keep us up at night, literally… we spend long hours here in the office working on H1. Thank you for going through the growing pains of Early Access with us. In the end, we will have a game we are all incredibly proud of.

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