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H1Z1 Patch 15.03
The servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM for approximately 2 hours.

Heute gab es einen Patch für die Battle Royale Server, indem es Änderungen an der Warteschlange, Bugfixes für Spielabstürze und Implementierungen gegen Cheater gab.
Außerdem gab es eine Äußerung für die Gewinner des Battle-Royale-Wochenendes, bezüglich des T-Shirts, das man bekommt für das Gewinnen:

  • Wer zwischen Start des Events (Freitag) und dem Patch gewonnen hat, bekommt sein T-Shirt innerhalb circa einer Woche.
  • Wer ab jetzt gewinnt (nach dem Patch), bekommt sein T-Shirt sofort.
H1Z1 Let´s Play

Wenn ihr lust habt, schaut doch mal bei meinem H1Z1 Let´s Play vorbei! :)

Patchnotes 15.03.2015
Everybody who played Friday 3/13 at 3PM through Monday night will receive their shirt at a later date. Hopefully less than a week. First place winners should now be receiving their shirt upon winning after this patch.

Battle Royale Updates

  • Reward T-Shirt skin upon winning first place
  • Removal of static BR zone launching
  • Updated defaults for anti-cheating detection and kicking
  • Updated defaults for BR zones (min pop of 64, max pop of 100 – 60 zones launched)
  • Crash fix for exiting vehicle
  • Crash fix for some physics/animation interactions with ragdoll
  • Adjustments to speed hack detection calculations
  • Fix for crash on exit (in sound manager)
  • Updates to queue system to allow it to operate as expected (taking all people out of the queue in order without switching order of people remaining)
  • Throttling of zone starts to prevent launching any additional zones within the same server tick
  • Fixes for disconnection issues when trying to join BR match (where client just exits instea – d of entering match)
  • Fix to prevent more people that cap allows getting in when people exit the zone before it starts
  • There are some reports of the queue kicking you back to server select – to avoid this, delete your character before you queue up for Battle Royale (the character is reset each time, and rewards are on your account so this has no real effect, other than having to type your name again).


  • We are investigating the population settings for BR matches, they may be a little lower pop than we expected.

  • There is a bug with the display of what position you finished in – we will be investigating and grant all winners the proper items around the next patch (probably during the week, depending).


  • You may be able to keep the character without deleting if you alternate between EU and NA Battle Royale servers, as this looks to be related to the server you were playing on hanging around a little longer than it should (so it thinks you’re still in a match).
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