H1Z1 Patch 03.02

Seite heute ist der neue Patch auf den H1Z1 Servern. Unten findet ihr die Patchnotes dazu.

H1Z1 servers will be coming down at 1:00PM Pacific and will remain down for approximately 2 hours.
Patch Notes:

•Bandages and First Aid Kits no longer heal vehicles when used from the trunk

•Reduced the amount of stacked ammo that can be found in the world.

•Finding a full magazine worth of ammo will be very rare.

•Adjusted the amount of durability lost on worn equipment when killed.

•Adjusted the amount of durability lost when firing weapons.

•Changed some input mapping data which may reset some edits done to InputProfile_user.xml if they player has edited them.

•Speculative fix for large latencies when players dismount vehicles.

•Fixed additional cases of poison gas persisting after leaving a Battle Royale match.

•Adjusted toxic gas damage. adjusted some server configurations to improve overall server performance.

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