Patch 0.55 SA

Hier folgt ein Ausblick auf den nächsten Patch für DayZ mit der Versionsnummer 0.55.
Derzeit ist der Patch nur auf den Test-Servern (Experimental).
Dieser Artikel wird ständig geupdated, wenn neue Informationen vorhanden sind.

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Patchnotes 12 März EXPERIMENTAL Version 0.55

Patchnotes für v0.55 EXPERIMENTAL

New Items and Entities
  • New farmer zombie model
New Mechanics
  • Bullets placed in a fireplace will „pop“ off after a short while.
  • Spraypaint, Gas Canisters, and grenades placed in a fireplace will explode after a short while.
  • Number of animal spawns increased.
  • PM73 RAK and its magazines now spawn at tank wrecks and the gun in the prison complex.
Animations and Audio
  • New zombie animations.
  • New prone and „roll“ (on the ground) sounds for player.
  • First iteration of central loot economy.
  • First iteration of the new zombie AI.
    • Infected react to sounds, e.g footsteps.
    • Infected FoV reduced a significant amount
    • Will attack more often if one runs straight towards a zombie attracted to the player
    • Infected will move in littlebit bigger groups (will be increased in the near future) when aggroved.
    • Number of zombies doubled.
  • First iteration of the new stealth system.
Leaked Files
  • Advanced Spear
  • Basic Spear
  • Compost
  • Dress Pants
  • Fox
  • Hunting Jacket (Brown, Olive, Autumn, Summer, Winter)
  • IZH-18 / Sawed-Off IZH-18
  • Mackerel
  • Rotten Apple (new texture)
  • Sheep
  • Winchester Model 70 Alaskan
New Locations
Updated Locations
  • Chainsaw added back to loot tables.
  • Some animal pelts have changed size in player inventory.
  • Zombies no longer see players miles away, trough objects like houses nor usually before the/a player(s) has/have seen one
Known Issues
  • The initial Experimental build of 0.55 was mistakenly marked as „0.54.126862“.
  • First iteration of central loot economy is spawning loot incorrectly (some areas spawn literally piles of worthless loot while at some areas none at all)
  • Zombies do not make footstep noises.
  • Zombie growls and screams are not playing often
  • Sporter 22 and Amphibia S can be chambered with up to 29 bullets.
  • Frequent server crashes on 0.55.126884.
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