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Hier folgt ein Ausblick auf den nächsten Patch für DayZ mit der Versionsnummer 0.58.
Derzeit ist der Patch nur auf den Test-Servern (Experimental).
Dieser Artikel wird ständig upgedated, wenn neue Informationen vorhanden sind.

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Patchnotes 09 Juli EXPERIMENTAL Version 0.58

Patchnotes für v0.58.128665 EXPERIMENTAL

New Things:
  • New zombie attack sounds
  • Car Tent
  • Epinephrine (new damaged model)
  • Glow Plug
  • Mackerel
    • Mackerel Fillet
  • Minsk Refrigerator (world container)
  • Oil Barrel (full availability)
  • Tire Repair Kit
  • Tripwire (now able to be crafted, still can’t be deployed)
  • Truck Battery
  • Truck Wheel
  • UMP45 (full availability)
    • 25Rnd UMP45 Magazine (full availability)
  • USMC Pants (Woodland, Desert)

New Mechanics:
  • New Inventory UI
    • Work-in-progress; accessible using Steam launch parameter „-newui“
    • Includes previously shown menu screen, new inventory screen, and new in-game player list
  • New 3rd Person Perspective (3PP) camera is back in
    • Use „Q“ and „E“ keys to shift over-the-shoulder view from left to right or vice versa
  • Major changes to vehicle mechanics
    • Repair is now necessary to operate V3S (wheels, glow plug, and battery for now)
    • VS3 now has an inventory, including dedicated slots for necessary parts
    • Wheels can now be removed from V3S individually, can be popped by damage, and visibly show as popped
  • Unpacking boxes of ammo or nails now gives paper in addition to standard contents
  • Clothes now can only be torn into Rags with a sharp object (knife, ax)
  • A fire can now be built inside fireplaces in houses
    • Fireplace must be compatible (chimney, fireplace grille required)
    • Smoke will spout from the chimney outside when a fire is lit in the fireplace
    • Cooking is possible using a Cooking Pot
  • Matches can now be combined
  • Many items will now become wet just like clothing
  • New Humidity status indicator: „Drenched“
    • Serves as the new highest level indicator: Damp -> Wet -> Soaked -> Drenched
  • Fish Net Trap can now be used to catch Mackerel (saltwater) and Carp (freshwater)
    • Mackerel can be prepared into Mackerel Fillets using a knife
  • Animal lard can now be cooked and safely eaten
  • AK Handguard Rail can now be painted green with Spraypaint

New Locations:
  • N/A

Updated Locations:
  • N/A

  • Komarovo re-added as a spawn point
  • Persistence is now ON for barrels, trucks, and tents

  • Tactical Bacon does not seem to affect your hunger
  • Bayonets do not give the option to chop sticks/get kindling
  • Batteries not spawning
  • Sounds reversed on doors
  • Unconsciousness bugged; player non-responsive to treatments, no status feedback when help is administered
  • Nailed Baseball Bat disappears after a few seconds when placed on the ground
  • Roof of the office building in Berezino is invisible when in 3PP
  • Items inside tents do not show quantity
  • Infinitely stacking inventory containers
  • Cannot use Leather Sewing Kit to repair Chest Holster
  • Press Vest cannot be mended
  • Many other leather items cannot be mended
  • Attachments disappear from M4A1 when gun is painted using Spraypaint
  • Able to fit firearms and ammo in Flaregun
  • Crossbow creates light when shooting in the dark
  • Longhorn shows ammo as .308mm instead of .308 inches
  • Cooking Pot on Fireplace is accessible from a distance using inventory view
  • Items are lost when logging in and logging out due to rearranging of inventory
  • FPS drops when you put items inside other items (and inside other items, and so on)
  • You cannot switch hotbar items while there is something in your hands
  • Fish Net Trap now works
  • Map-wide global „ghost sounds“ should no longer occur (i.e. opening a can of soda)

Known Issues:
  • „Wait for Host“ screen prior to joining a server can take a longer than expected
  • Various zombie issues (i.e. walking through walls)
  • Global Chat is functioning (should not be)
  • Items in hands may be dropped when vaulting
  • Fish Net Trap can be used even when ruined
  • Land Mine and Bear Trap cannot be moved into inventory
  • Breaking a leg for the second time after having fixed it may result in status message not displaying
  • Incorrect character animations at the Main Menu
  • Error message pop-up when quitting the game
  • Some crafting functions for the Oil Barrel are not producing anything, but still consume resources
    • Plant material and Guts do not produce fertilizer after completing the process
    • Leather items that are dyed in a barrel will disappear
  • Liquid containers are not updating percentage of contents properly
  • Handguards and foregrips cannot be removed or modified
  • Interacting with a Cooking Pot or Frying Pan yields limited options
  • Trumpet can be disassembled while loaded, and loaded ammo is lost upon reassembly
  • Items cannot be wrung out when wet
  • Apple trees can be „spammed“ with the pick apple command between animations
  • Piles of loot sometime spawn where vehicle wrecks should be
  • Cannot run while accessing inventory (new prototype UI only)
  • Cannot respawn (new prototype UI only)
  • Cannot access vehicle inventory (new prototype UI only)

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